Blog of note: Purgatorio

What can I say. We Christians don't always have a sense of humor. PURGATORIO does. And it does it with a vengeance. This guy's blog has more endorsements that Shaq in his best days. What's funny is that all sorts of people like this blog. The guys seems to be Reformed (like I said, they have the best humor) and I love the emblem of the tipped over cow. The message? Watch out suburban Christianity. We're coming for your sacred cows. The cool thing is that he expects people to comment and you can get a gravatar for your posts. Your specific pic will come up (Mine is of Darth Stewie) He puts up old Christian vinyl albums (and somehow gets really old pics of Christian leaders) and puts them up for people to have fun with. Very funny stuff. Go visit.

** note I am not just endorsing this guy cause he added me to his links. But it played a role. Thanks man.

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  1. Purgatorio is pretty incredible! Actually, he just came back a few months ago after not blogging for about a year. (I think I suffered withdrawal symptoms went he went silent.)

    My favorite feature--because I actually lived through that era--is Divine Vinyl. It's hard to believe those album covers were real, but believe me, they were!