Upcoming Books--Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe by Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll has just released his book Vintage Jesus to much acclaim or scorn. He will be releasing his book based on questions his church asked him this year and now announced a forthcoming book: Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe. It will take a Creation, Fall, Redemption approach to Doctrine and it will be based on his upcoming sermon series at his church based on the same title. There will be a companion website to go with the book and the series. I'll be following a long giving a play by play. Check it out. Here's the outline for the sermon series:
* Trinity: God Is – March 30
* Revelation: God Speaks – April 6
* Creation: God Makes – April 13
* Image: God Loves – April 20
* Fall: God Judges – April 27
* Covenant: God Pursues – May 4
* Incarnation: God Comes – May 11
* Cross: God Dies – May 18
* Resurrection: God Saves – June 1
* Church: God Sends – June 8
* Worship: God Transforms – June 15
* Stewardship: God Gives – June 22
* Kingdom: God Reigns – June 29

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