A Friendly Debate???


Many of you know I'm a friend of the New Reformation. Hence the new lion in full action on my page. My friends at biblicalthought.com have had a post on Tim Keller HERE. It's sad to say that he has made some pro-Roman Catholic Statements that I will have to address as soon as I finish his book. Having said that, on that post, a young lady named Denise (her blog is HERE) and I have had an ongoing (friendly?!) debate. I've been to her page and she writes:

My heart is to show other believers the error of various movements(e.g. the Word Of Faith, Seeker Friendly,Emergent Church movements, Reformed theology,etc.)I want to help them find truth through Scripture.

While I applaud her searching of the scriptures and her denouncement of many bad movements, I think I'll have to say no thanks to her difficulties with the reformed movement. (What's interesting is that she has a link to John Macarthur's messages and he's considered a Modern Reformer HERE) We seem to disagree on the best interpretation of Genesis 1, Mark Driscoll, John Piper, and now John Frame. I know in the heat of the moment we can all type things that can sound bad, but to say that John Frame has denied the need to believe in the ressurrection of Jesus is very troubling. So far, no real proof has been given, but I hope for all you, if you make a serious claim about a beloved and historically Christian teacher, you better have proof. On another note, I do applaud Ms. Denise's reseearch on Tim Keller and on the pagan approach to psychology. ( I do think there can be a christian approach to psychology).

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