Mark Driscoll Apologizes

And not for the shirt either! As I've said before, I like to take a wait and see approach to people. Having said that, I have said before that I think Mark Driscoll is on a great trajectory. He has said that he will try not to cuss while preaching, and he has publicly apologized for his lack of humility in the last year. Tim Challies has some audio from what he said during a conference in which he had John Piper and C.J. Mahaney. (They both have taken flak for promoting his ministry-indeed they have played a role in shaping him for the better) I think he shows that he truly is growing. You can listen to the audio clip HERE apologizing for the lack of robust worship. This was in response to having some guidance from Mahaney and Piper and from his own study of scripture. I really love the respones people give on Challies's blog.

--Iron sharpening iron, to be sure. But to paraphrase Abraham above, iron can’t sharpen iron without contact! It challenges me to engage with brothers with whom I disagree, rather than just lob shots from a distance. It also challenges me to be open to correction the next time someone points out a weakness or sin or deficiency in my own life. I pray that I would have the kind of humility that Mark showed in that sermon.

--How great it is to see the New Testament pattern for love producing fruit. It works much better than throwing stones. Thank God for wise older men who know how to love a younger brother.

Yes, it always helps to be in contact than to throw stones.


  1. The words sound good from the public stage.
    But has he apologized to the individual brothers and sisters he has harmed?
    Has he truly repented?
    Or is his "humility" feigned?
    The jury is still out.


  2. For the record, I have seen the youtube video and commenting was diabled. I wonder why, it had 2 stars. But, it does feel like words are being put into his mouth. Having said that, I know that some of the events that have happened were in a sense brougt up by Piper. Driscoll took it in kind. Who knows, maybe the issue is being dealt with. Like I said, wait and see.