In poor taste?

In times past when I took to a pre-tribulational rapture (I take a different approach now-it can happen whenever!) I had that fear that I would be left behind. This "christian" prank show, makes this poor girl think she was "left behind". I might add, it was in poor taste, and another reason why I'm not a fan of The Left Behind Series.


  1. Actually that was pretty funny. I think you are just a little sensitive. Ah well you'll get over this soon, like you did with Hershey.

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  3. In response, I might add, that I have not had Hershey chocolate, and growing up in a Pentecostal conservative church in the 90's, we were drilled about the rapture, 666, the end of the world etc.. Sad to say, I carry some bad memories and yes, I really have had fear of being left behind. To play on someone's theological fear is pretty rotten if you ask me. It would be like having an elaborate Hollywood special effects team have an angel appear in front of you out of this air and tell you that you're going to die. Then have a laugh at your worries.