Movie review: Run Fatboy Run!!!!!!

Run Fatboy Run
location: London
Cast: Simon Pegg, Thandie Newton, Hank Azaria,
Directed by: Davind Schwimmer (yes from FRIENDS)
Written by Simon Pegg and Michael Ian Black (yes from I love the 80's on VH1)
Fusion's Scale: 4 Stars

Simon Pegg (from Saun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz) has done it again. This time, he's not fighting zombies or crime, but running a marathon in what appears to be a British family comedy. If these guys keep it up (Pegg, Frost and Moran) we'll have to start calling them the Brit Pack (as opposed to the Frat pack made up of the guys from Anchor man, Knocked up, Old School etc..) I got to see it at a special screening in Ontario and it was great.

How do you apologize to your girlfriend after leaving her at the altar? Running a marathon of course! The movie focuses on Dennis, an out of shape security guard who ran out on his pregnant girlfriend the day of their wedding. Without giving too much away, he trains to run a marathon to prove he's matured. Pegg shows his comedic and running talent and writing ability. He co-wrote this screenplay and it shows. I'm sorry to say his pal Nick Frost (from Saun and Hot Fuzz) isn't in this one. But one of the Saun of the Dead characters is in it.

Dylan Moran (the jealous friend from Saun) plays Peggs crazy best friend. Their fight involving a trashcan is hilarious. The scene where he has to pop a boil is also funny. I think he stole parts of the movie too. Plenty of slapstick comedy and while it can get a little predictable, I liked the ending and the funny characters surrounding Peggs character.

On another note, a theme that literally runs throughout the movie is the idea of perseverance and endurance. What's important to you? what will you do to get it? More so, the idea of responsibility comes up in it as well. You may be responsible for the problems in your life, but you can also be responsible for your response to those things as well.

The humor goes from PG to PG-13, but I was cool taking my little sis. You do see Moran's naked butt a few too many times, but the movie has heart and plenty of laughs. I will be buying this on dvd.

5 Stars
Memorable lines:
That's the second most disgusting fluid that's been in my eye!
Come on up!
You want your son to love you, don't break the law!!!!
The only serious relationship I've been in ended in a broken collarbone and a dead meerkat.

Scrotal Zone!!!!

Gordon: Go on then, run!
Dennis: Isn't there some kind of like... special technique?
Gordon: Well... yeah... you put one leg in front of the other over and over again really really fast.

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