Thou Shalt Drive Not Pollute?????


The Vatican has announced new sins. Some of them are commendable. These include cloning and stem cell research. However, it also includes polluting the environment. Does this mean Catholics will have to say a few Hail Mary's before driving their SUV's? Another reason for them to convert to the real gospel and come over to the evangelical side. Here's the article

What's even more interesting is thatthe number 2 man at the Vatican says that Italian's aren't going to confessional, many belive there doesn't need to be a intermediary between men and God, and more so that they don't feel comfortable going to tell someone their sins. Wow, it just gets even more interesting. However, it shouldn't surprise us because a lot of Europe is going secular. With the rise of Islam in Europe, let us pray that a New Reformation will begin in Europe.

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