ESV Classic Thinline TruTone Char Cross

I recently purchased a new ESV bible ( I sadly lost or misplaced my ESV Reformation Study Bible at home) and am a real satisfied customer. I bought it at Archives Bookshop in Pasadena. You can check out their selection of used, new and rare bibles. You can also bring in your old books and get store credit. This is a great bible with a soft feel. You may need to get a special bible highlighter as the pages are thin and require lots of care. The Black charcoal cross on the cover gives it a great classic feel. The only other one I would want is the journal bible wrapped in old leather. I would recommend the ESV as many people from R.C. Sproul to John Piper to Mark Driscoll give it their thumbs up.
5 Stars.

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  1. Ever see me carrying that black case-like thing with the handle? Inside is a notepad, pens, and his & hers ESV TruTone thinline CharCrosses. It's my walking-around English copy of Holy Scripture. I like how you can fold the cover over and read it laying down.