70 HITS!!!!

Hey, apparently I got about 70 hits on Saturday. A high spike. I wonder if it has to do with:
word of mouth?
My links on facebook/myspace?
People looking for info on Todd Bentley who found my page?

LEAVE A COMMENT and tell me how you found me and what I can do to update things on the page. What do you want me to put up this week? As a thank you, I will put up links to pages, youtube clips, (reasonable) conspiracy theories, whatever I deem is fit for the blog. Come at it folks. Here's a starter. A response to my Ghostbusters clip from Friday.


  1. Lol, I had a giant spike on saturday too. I think I'm going to put Todd Bentley's name in every post for a while to get some hits. (Just Kidding). Sad that his name gets more hits than, say...the word Jesus. But anyway, that's how I found you..google blog search, typed in Todd Bentley and read the first page of posts it popped up.

  2. laaaaame, only losers talk about how many hits they get on their blogs...

    anyhow, I get a lot of hits when I talk about Bob Morey. My visits swelled in April and over the last month during the periods of the most controversy at FCC.

    Believe it or not, I posted a blog about Wall*e, the Pixar movie, back in January. Overall more people go to that page than any other, lol.

  3. This is a pretty good list of blogging tips.


  4. You should utilize Google Analytics!

    I came here via your incessant plugs. ^__^

  5. I personally like the presidential information. :)