More on Obama and Abortion

An anonymous reader left this comment on one of my previous posts:

Boy, people are amazingly obtuse. It's not that Obama is saying he won't make decisions, the question was, basically, where does human life begin?

Is that above his pay grade? Yes, absolutely. Will it be above his pay grade as president. Yes. Is there a higher "pay grade" a person can have? No. That's his whole point. This was a RELIGIOUS forum. No human being can determine when and where the "divine spark" or ensoulment is granted by God.

Anyone who deems themselves and authority on this is setting themselves up as knowing or being God, and that's the height of hubris.

Sure, it's going to hurt him amongst the mouth-breathers, but I'd rather have a candidate that refuses to dumb it down.

I include here a youtube clip of the question that was asked. What WAS the REAL question?

If you payed attention, the question is: WHEN DOES A BABY GET HUMAN RIGHTS???




If you truly believe in human rights, I ask you to really think about it? If a baby gets doesn't get them before exiting the womb, when do they start? When can they be suspended? When can they end? If you call yourself a Christian and AGREE to meet a group of fellow Christians, you are putting yourself on the line to answer those questions. As someone running for President, you should KNOW where you stand on tough issues. More so, where do Human rights come from? As a Christian, if it doesn't come from GOD, then where? This wasn't about where life begins, but when do Human rights begin for the unborn. Think about it.

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