OK class, what is wrong (and sacrilegious) about this? Extra points if you can watch through the whole thing. I think I have now seen it all at church. If this is what it has come to for these guys in Lakeland and in the church in general, I give up. *sigh*....... Sad to say many will actually defend this. (note: I am charismatic reformed and have no problem with praise songs, but using music alone to get people into a stir is psychological manipulation and not a move of the Spirit. Trust me, I've seen people jump and dance to worship God...this is something else-GHOST!)

And for context here's the original song by Dead or Alive-extra points:is that a guy or a girl?


  1. Except for the "ecstatic worship" guy in the middle, I'm not sure what the problem is. The young singer was simply leading worship, maybe in a way you or I are not comfortable with.

    Is the older bald guy Todd Bentley?

    What if you replaced him in the clip with a Black preacher, saying exactly the same things with the same intonations? How would you respond then? For that matter, replace the young white preacher with a young Black preacher. I've been to Black Gospel worship services and they go long, and get borderline "hypnotic", but no one criticizes them (as well they shouldn't).

    I'll admit it all looks cheesy, and I'm very cynical when it comes to this sort of thing, but I don't see anything that warrants your absolute "I give up" attitude, as though this is a sign of the end-times apostasy or something.

    The "ecstatic" guy in the middle--where'd he come from? He seems a bit creepy, but how much of what he said is wrong? And how aligned is he with the Lakeland movement?

    --from a very skeptical charismatic who's on the verge of becoming reformed