Pirate Christian Radio: it's good!

Fighting for the Faith is hosted by Chris Rosebrough of alittleleaven.com. He started Pirate Christian Radio and has his show hosted there. It looks pretty good. This episode deals with the book: Pop Goes the Church. He deals with the ideas it comes up with. The pastor who wrote it believes we should be more sensitive to pop culture and use it in reaching people. I've been to the website. One of his current sermon series is called "Change We Can Believe In". This weeks sermon begins with the worship team playing the song,"Starlight". A pretty decent version I might add. Still, as I lamented before, is this what it has become? Playing a secular song at church to get attention and feel relevant? I think at some point I'd like to do a study on relevance. Cause it seems there are may different uses and abuses of the word.

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