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Here's my newest find. Thefoolsgold.net A very funny blog from someone who goes to John Piper's Bethlehem Institute. Very funny.

Some Things You (Probably) Won’t See Graffitied on a Wall

1. Take your vitamins!
2. I ran out of whitewash and had to use this instead.
3. You know…I am far too ethnocentric.
4. How’s my penmanship?
5. I think Aristotle had a point.
6. SM + RW = Sempiternal affection (with a heart around it, of course)
7. Deep down, I’m a preservationist.
8. I think you’re great!
9. Oops…sorry. You can paint over this.
10. Romans 13:1
11. There. I just drew a perfect circle.

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