"Pay grade" quote draws heat

As I mentionedObama's "above my pay grade" quote would probably haunt him. It already is. Look at some of the responses at Reuters blog, let me start with two of the more thoughtful responses I found before I get to the more humorous ones:

Unbelievable. To respond to one of the most controversial subjects in politics today as it is “above my pay-grade” should automatically disqualify him from seeking this office! A President has to make “life or death” decisions and not to know when life begins seriously questions by belief that Senator O’Bama is a Christian…in the sense that it is not an answer on a biological questionaire. Coupled with his position that he actively opposed legislative attempts to provide comfort to babies who survived abortions.
Moreover, he basically called America a selfish nation. We are the most-giving nation in the history of this planet. Whenever there is a disaster, America is there to give, give and give. We, the citizens, give more money to charitable causes per capita than any other citizens of any nation on this earth. … despite the fact that we pay almost 40 percent of our income in taxes to federal, state and local governments!

The Democratic Party’s position is that abortion should be legal because a fetus is just a clump of cells with no human rights.
If the procedure is no different from, say, the removal of an unwanted mole–which is essentially what the argument for legalization is–then why expend resources to reduce its frequency?

Above his pay grade? He is running for the President of the United States of America! How much higher of a pay grade do you want?

If the issue is above his paygrade perhaps Barack is applying for the wrong job.

Change we can see through.

If he can’t answer because it is above his pay grade then why should we put him in the top job? It will remain above his pay grade when he returns to the Senate.

“…above my pay grade”. Good one, Obama. You just gave the Republicans a new tag line. There’s no higher “pay grade” than being president. Like Harry Truman said, “The Buck Stops Here.

As a current Senator, especially one seeking the presidency, these questions are “at your pay-grade.”

So these babies aren’t even the ‘least of his brothers’????? You can’t get much more ‘least’ than a baby, born or unborn.

Are you kidding?????? Above his paygrade????? Presidents are paid to have convictions.

At what “pay grade” can one have an opinion?

It goes on, but you get the point. More to come I'm sure. This is one that really got to me:

I am pro-choice but after hearing 40 million abortions have taken place since Roe V Wade does make me think twice.


  1. Boy, people are amazingly obtuse. It's not that Obama is saying he won't make decisions, the question was, basically, where does human life begin?

    Is that above his pay grade? Yes, absolutely. Will it be above his pay grade as president. Yes. Is there a higher "pay grade" a person can have? No. That's his whole point. This was a RELIGIOUS forum. No human being can determine when and where the "divine spark" or ensoulment is granted by God.

    Anyone who deems themselves and authority on this is setting themselves up as knowing or being God, and that's the height of hubris.

    Sure, it's going to hurt him amongst the mouth-breathers, but I'd rather have a candidate that refuses to dumb it down.

  2. These were two articles I liked on the subject: