Even MORE church stupidity

Thanks to my new frequent visitor Lorikate (you hear that Lydia and Josh!!) for these clips. You can find them on her blogs (yes two of them)
From the blog Fun and Games

This one is just sad, funny, creepy and sad (again) all at once. I agree with her COME ONE!!!!

And from Jesus Filter

Techno worship. And did that guy really say shamalama ding dong at about 1:50??? We really need to fight against churches like this.

It's things like this that made me into the church/culture critic (and semi-apologist) that I am. If you go to a church like this, please please please leave. I beg you, it's damaging to your spiritual health, and blasphemous to the Spirit at worst. Read my post below about Evangelical gullibility. In all things test what you hear by Scripture. It doesn't matter if someone speaks in a million tongues. If what they are doing is disorderly (God is a God of Order)or if they are teaching weird things or even acting weird, please get out as soon as you can.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the linkage. :) Did he really say shamalma ding dong? I didn't even catch that. I can't tell if these guys are for real, or if they're just openly mocking the church - trying to see what they can get people to believe. Either way, it's pretty sickening. What is it going to take for the Church as a body to wake up, and stop swallowing everything they're fed. Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry.